July 29 2000:
The official return of
After a long time of left out updates of our site we are now happy to inform you all that this will change. Starting today we will try to make us time for more regular updates.
July 28 2000:
Acid CD project is started for real.
After a while of thinking if we should really go all the way with this we finnally decided to do so. All the fan mails with the question of a release really helped us. The project is started for real within two weeks and we expect the CD to be finnished within 3-4 months. Hope you all will be ready to what that long. With regards / AtomicTroop
July 27 2000:
AtomicTroop launches new site
Starting july 27 AtomicTroop is now also available for download at After a long time of planing to do this we finnally gave ourself the time to upload a few of our latest tunes here. There is still more to come, so keep updated!
February 1:
The official release date of Cold Shiver (2K Mix)
This song is our own mix of our old Cold Shiver. After mixing in new drums and added new tunes and much more for hours we were finnaly finnished on saturday the 29. The song became available on this date. Enjoy!
January 15:
A second album is released. Demo.2000 This album is a demonstration of songs collected from both centurys. Two songs are picked from the year 1999 and the other two offcourse from the beginning of year 2000. Enjoy!
August 9 1999:
Elias Engborg a.k.a Phatsy or better known as Sonar and his brother Spiritual Ssystem was kicked out of the group. On the charges off fucked up useless music and a narrow sight of view.

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